Are you ready for the ZOMBCOPTER, a helicopter equipped with far more weapons than you can shake a decaying limb? In this terrifying zombie apocalypse, your task is to protect the last intact City Hall from the endless horde of zombies! As a brave shooter in ZOMBCOPTER, it's up to you to destroy waves of funny-looking zombies.

Main Features:

Helicopter Defense Against Zombie Invasion: ZombCopter is your most effective defense tool against rotten zombie hordes! Use your helicopter to protect the City Hall and stop the zombie invasion.

Crazy Weapons: Not only swing, but also smash the zombie hordes using various weapons. Turn your helicopter into a super killing machine with devastating power-ups and crazy upgrades.

Waves of Fun and Funny Zombies: ZombCopter is full of fun and funny looking zombie enemies. Laugh as you destroy them, but don't lose your attention, because the zombie invasion is a serious threat!

Upgrades and Power-ups: Upgrade your helicopter as you earn. Gain the upper hand against the zombies by equipping them with more powerful weapons, durable armor and other special abilities.

Challenging Missions: Complete the challenging missions that you will encounter in each stage of the zombie apocalypse and earn rewards. Show your skills to rise up the leaderboard.

Get ready to laugh, shoot and upgrade in this bizarre zombie apocalypse on ZOMBCOPTER. Destroy the zombie hordes and protect the City Hall to survive. Download now and join this crazy zombie battle!

Have Fun!

Game Controls:

Movement: WASD or ARROW KEYS

Shooting from the Left Side: LEFT CLICK

Shooting from the Right Side: RIGHT CLICK