Sisyphus Simulator

Sisyphus Simulator

Sisyphus Simulator - Hyper-Casual 3D Game

Sisyphus Simulator is an addictive and challenging hyper-casual 3D game. By pushing the rock towards the top, move wisely so that it does not fall, and reach the top. Collect the star of honor to complete the challenge and raise your name on the Honor Board.

Featured Features:

Addictive Gameplay: Challenging and addictive, this game will lock you on the screen for hours. Make strategic moves to reach higher each time.

Hyper-Casual Experience: It offers an experience that appeals to all age groups with easily learned but difficult-to-master game mechanics.

3D Graphics: Feel the excitement of climbing the hill with realistic and impressive 3D graphics.

Smart Strategy: Push the rock towards the top without dropping it. Get your strategy right and enjoy reaching the top.

Honor Board: Complete the challenge by collecting the honor star and raise your name on the Honor Board. Take your place among the best players.Dec.

Reaching the Top: Fight to reach the top of the hill with increasing difficulties in each level. Enjoy achieving success.

Experience the excitement of reaching the top and overcoming the challenges by playing Sisyphus Simulator. Guide the rock wisely and collect the honor star to climb to the top position on the Honor Board!

Have Fun!

Game Controls: