Miniature Monkey Market

Miniature Monkey Market

Stunt Car Extreme Online is the sequel to the original, which is an exciting racing and skill game. In this lightweight online version, you can use your browser to experience adrenaline-boosting stunt races.

With improved graphics and more vehicle options, immerse yourself in a world full of challenging obstacles that await you at every stage. As you successfully complete the stages, you will earn money to buy more vehicles and be able to further improve your skills.

The basic requirements of the game stipulate that you reach the goal within the specified time. But remember, even if you deviate from the set path, you can still finish - but this may cost you extra time. While competing with your opponents on the road, go to the maximum speed and demonstrate your mastery.

Stunt Car Extreme Online also increases the excitement with its real-time multiplayer mode. Climb to the top of the leaderboard by competing with friends or other players from around the world.

Are you ready? Join the race and show your skills to become the best stunt pilot!Miniature Monkey Market is a fun simulation game where monkeys can shop. Open your own mini market and offer the most delicious food for your cute monkey customers!

One of the favorite foods of monkeys is, of course, bananas! First of all, get to work by starting to grow bananas. Pick the ripening bananas and put them on your counter. Then, enrich your counter even more by collecting the eggs from the chickens you feed with bananas.

When your customers start coming, you can start selling various foods such as canned banana puree, flour, bread, milk with the money you have saved. Earn more money by meeting the wishes of your customers and pleasing them.

Are you ready for a fun shopping experience at Miniature Monkey Market? Meet the needs of your monkey customers and have the most fun shopping experience!

Have Fun!

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