Max Mixed Cocktails

Max Mixed Cocktails

Welcome to Max Mixed Cocktails!

Max Mixed Cocktails takes you on a fun and exciting journey towards becoming a master mixologist. Prepare cocktails by mixing ingredients at the bar, create your own recipes and unlock different endings. Choose your ingredients, mix skillfully and experiment until you find the perfect cocktail.


Fun and Educational Gameplay: Improve your mixologist skills, discover new recipes and create delicious cocktails.

Various Ingredients and Recipes: Combine different ingredients to create creative and original cocktail recipes.Dec.

Collections and Tips: Use the tips found in your collections to unlock different endings. Discover each recipe and uncover all the surprises that the game has to offer.

Eye-catching Graphics and Realistic Animations: Enjoy being at the bar in levels full of vivid colors and realistic animations.

Rich Content and Updates: Let your gaming experience be constantly enriched with regular updates and new content.

Step into the world of mixology with Max Mixed Cocktails and enjoy creating your own perfect recipes. Download it now and join this delicious adventure!

Have Fun!

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