Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

Game Name: Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets - Western Shooting Adventure

Welcome to the game "Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets" on the dusty streets of the Wild West, taking on the role of the hero cowboy! In this exciting shooting game, aim at all the Ski toilets with different weapons you see and donate to survive. Each round, you will showcase your skills as you try to defeat more enemies to unlock new weapons.

The Main Features of the Game:

Wild West atmosphere and graphics.

Different and educational weapons offer new tactics for each round.

Exciting likes filled with skibidi toilets.

Upgradeable cowboy abilities and equipment.

Each round becomes more challenging, encouraging players to take up the challenge.

Are you ready for this war, cowboy? Skibidi is waiting for the toilets, and only the brave cowboy will stay in his life!

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Have fun!

Game Controls:

Move: WASD or ARROW key



Fire: LEFT click

Purpose: RIGHT click